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10. Return - Whale Rider - Find your Voice

In the darkest hour there’s hope. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a beacon of light to regain your faith and focus.

The whales are coming ashore. The community members are trying with all their powers to move them back to sea. But the weight of these mythical creatures is too overwhelming.

Why are they here? 

Paikea has the key and knows it. She’s the chosen one to remove the beam from the eyes of Paka. So that he can finally see the truth.

This epic scene brings about the energy of phase 10 – Return to the light – and of phase 11 – Resurrection.

Universal Story
In the darkest hour the heroine remembers the most important life lesson. It’s the return of the mentor. She sees the light at the end of the tunnel and starts to climb her way out of hell.

Characteristics Return
• The return to ideals, goals and visions • Remembering who you are • Infusing your journey with renewed energy • Becoming a visionary

Leadership Skills
• Finding your voice • Unwavering faith, belief and expectation • Sharing your vision • Laser like focus 
• Alignment with your life’s goals • Keeping your eyes on the target

Sometimes we forget about what’s important in life. It’s through a difficult experience or situation that we have the opportunity to remember who we are and what we stand for. We rediscover our vision for life.

Your Hero(ine)’s Journey is zooming into the last stages. Turn to day 10 of your journal.

What is your hero(ine)’s word of the day?

What metaphors did you see in this movie clip?

How did this epic scene inspire you?

What is faith for you? How do you cultivate faith in life?
Experience your Hero's Journey again