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8. Reversal - Whale Rider - Surrender

Paikea diligently prepared a special song for her grandfather Paka for a school performance. Naturally she hoped he would come, but unfortunately he didn’t show up.

When she starts to sing she notices the absence of Paka. But at the same time there’s something else happening. On a deep spiritual level, she is aware of the plight of the whales washing ashore.

This scene is powerful, profound and healing. 

Universal Story
An unexpected accident or dramatic event turns the wheel of fortune. First, the heroine was the actor and now she’s become the re-actor. She loses control over the situation and must wait – passively – how the events will unfold, and will affect her and the community. Welcome to the gateway of hell.

Characteristics Reversal
• Threshold of losing control • Being moved and surrendering • Experiencing being inactive • From acting to re-acting

Leadership Skills
• Doing by undoing • Accepting what is • Listening • Empathy • Following • Being still and waiting 
• Power of vulnerability • Open yourself up

Stillness speaks. Sometimes we need to become quiet in order to know what to do next. It’s like opening ourselves up and surrender to what is. And this certainly can be very hard for the human mind to do, because it wants to be in control.

Be curious and open. It’s day 8 of your Hero’s Journey. Here are your reflection questions.

What is your hero(ine)’s word of the day?

How did this movie clip move and inspire you?

What is being vulnerable mean to you?

What was a life situation where you lost control? How did you feel? What did you learn?
Experience your Hero's Journey again