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Welcome to my blog, an oasis for inspiration. Here you’ll find my everyday life stories, insights and experiences.

I love to write about the metaphors behind the stories. About the meaning and purpose of things.
About the hidden messages in everyday experiences. The wonder of life. The eternity of the present moment. My favorite topics are personal growth, leadership, the present moment, abundance and success principles.

Just some new ideas and perspectives on inspired living.
May my words spark joy and change the way you look at things.


The Super Power Everyone Has—You Too!

11 October 2019

This blogpost is about the super power everyone has and how this can change the way you live your life.


Follow Your Bliss

23 June 2019

"Follow your bliss, and doors will open where there were no doors before". What doors are opening for you right now? What is your bliss?


All That Matters in Life is This

12 March 2019

What really matters in life? Read this post about Roma, the academy award winning movie by Alfonso Cuarón.


One Simple Life Lesson This Master is Teaching Us

26 August 2018

I'm inspired by the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Learn the simple life lesson from this master and make your life a success.


A Picture Replaces a Thousand Words

12 August 2018

In my work as a Leadership Trainer, Mentor, and Speaker, I love utilizing pieces of inspiring movies to enhance personal growth, leadership, meaning, ...


The Secret to Abundance

31 July 2018

What’s alive in you?​​​​​​​ I’ve been on a spiritual journey for over twenty years now and one of the greatest teachers I’ve met on my way is wealth....


How Do You Surf The Waves of Life

1 July 2018

“You need to become the wave, detach from the outcome,  expect to fall the first times, and surrender to it. . .” Just powerful metaphors for ou...


Why an Inner Call to Change Needs Resistance to Thrive

5 November 2017

Today I want to talk about the fascinating interaction between getting the call to a new adventure and the resistance to change. These two energies of...


3 Ways to Return to Faith and Make a Big Leap Forward Towards Your Dreams

3 October 2017

Do you find yourself most of the time doing what you love to do? And then suddenly doubt, fear or disbelief creeps in throwing sand in your creative e...