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The Hero's Journey

Mentoring - Intro

  • Kim Ho inspired me very much with his extensive movie knowledge, the way he applied movie clips to the leadership content and how he performed before the audience. Later I was lucky to work with him. I was able to experience directly how he adopts the theme, finds the right tools to support the message and blends all in order to inspire the participants. I’m grateful to Kim Ho what he’s taught me, both about leadership and myself."
    Marc van den Hoop, Simplifier & Coach, The Netherlands
The Hero's Journey Mentoring - Intro

For you
This program is for you if you want to learn the basics and start recognizing the 12 phases of the Hero’s Journey in your daily life. It will help you gain more clarity and focus for your business. The program will show you the power of storytelling and how you can use this to attract more abundance and success. 

In The Hero’s Journey Mentoring Program you’ll receive
• 6 private sessions through Skype, spaced over 2 months, each session is approximately 1 hour
• Personalized assignments
• Personal feedback
• Interactive tutorials with inspiring movie clips to super charge your learning, understanding and to illuminate the 12 phases of the journey. This is a key element to learn how to look in metaphors.
• A personal journal with reflection questions
• Unlimited email support during this program

You’ll learn:
• Basic understanding of the 12 universal phases of The Hero’s Journey
• Key themes per phase
• Key leadership competences per phase
• Power questions per phase
• How to recognize each phase in your life – both personal and professional
• How to recognize each phase in someone’s life

Your outcomes can be:
• More abundance
• More clarity and focus
• Meaning and purpose in business and life
• Better self-understanding
• Reclaim your true power
• Experience more joy and freedom
• Feeling inspired
• Being more effective in your daily life
• Lead with confidence and certainty 

For full details, your investment, and questions, contact me here:

Start your new journey and discover your meaning and purpose in life. Embrace your true genius, be a successful leader, and share your unique gifts with the world.