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2. Call - Whale Rider - Follow your Inner Call

That was an intense start of Paikea’s life, wasn’t it? Seemed like her mother and brother gave their lives to something that is bigger than them.

We now see Paikea as a young girl. She’s riding on the bike with her grandfather, Paka, while she’s preparing to leave the family and community with her father.

Remember the whales in the prologue? They play a pivotal role in this part too. Again, look and feel what you see and focus on the metaphors for your growth.

Universal Story
A big shock sets the journey in motion. It’s an inner or outer impulse. The heroine takes the first steps of seperation from her old life.

Characteristics Call
• Threshold to action • Energy reaches tipping point • An actor of your life 
• Following your impulses • Setting the tone for a new life

Leadership Skills
• Taking responsibility • Pro activity • Taking action, initiatives • Stepping up to the plate

The call to a new adventure is an inner or outer spark for change. And often times they’re connected.

It is a certain feeling or divine intervention you receive, a pure message beyond any logic. It’s the first step of leaving your old world behind, and walking the path to become more independent.

It’s day 2. Now get your personal journal and turn to the questions below.

What is your hero(ine)’s word of the day?

What did you see in the movie clip?

What actions steps are you taking now, or will you take, that are aligned with your dream?