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9. Dagger — Whale Rider — Sense the Urgency

Welcome to hell. The adversity keeps on coming, the going gets tougher, and the situation is overwhelming and spiralling downward fast. In the darkest hour you need to have a deep sense of urgency to let go of things that don’t serve you anymore. Even if that means hurting others or betraying your core beliefs and values.

One can feel guilty about his/her actions to preserve oneself. There’s a sense of shame. Though, in this intensity there can be a certain way to cut through an illusion to heal a core wound. That’s the paradox of the holy wound.

Paikea is starting to learn about this sense of urgency. The whales are calling her to step into the shoes of the new leader. It’s time to act now and let go of unwanted fears, doubts or disbeliefs.

Today there’s no movie clip because I’d like to save it for tomorrow and show it together with the next phase. It will perfectly convey the energy of phase 9 and 10, I feel, like a dance.

Universal Story
The heroine is going through hell. The situation is changing rapidly and is unfavorably spiraling downward fast. She’s wounded and, possibly, being betrayed by the persons she once trusted. She’s on the verge to use the dagger and afflict pain too. The darkest and most intense hour has arrived.

Characteristics Dagger
• Living on the razor’s edge • Balance act of cutting or being cut • Feeling the intensity of life and enjoying it • Full surrender • Sorrow 

Leadership Skills
• Sense of urgency • Act on decisiveness • Ruthlessly and unapologethically letting go of something • Deep release 

It’s day 9 and we’re exploring your inner shadows. Open your playbook and reflect on the questions.
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