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12. Elixir — Whale Rider — Be Grateful

Wow. The transformation into a true heroine has been completed. Paikea has reached the depths within and is now initiated into her true self.

Paikea has survived the greatest ordeal. She passed the threshold of her inner power. The old persona has died and she’s been reborn as the new leader of the Maori tribe. The prophecy from the beginning has been fulfilled. 

The beam that blinded Paka’s vision is finally removed and he now wholeheartedly passes the torch of leadership to the next generation, his granddaughter. He begs forgiveness for his past actions.

The community is rejoicing as Paikea is being initiated in her new role during a traditional ceremony.

Universal Story
After passing the ordeal, the heroine is enriched and purified. She returns to the community that she left at the beginning, and starts to share her wisdom. She is the medicine and inspires the community with new vigor.

Characteristics Elixir
• The experiences of her journey brought her many gifts, like wisdom, knowledge. • Life is infused with new hope and faith • A life’s purpose that is bigger than oneself • Getting ready for a new journey

Leadership Skills
• Serving • An attitude of gratitude • Helping others • Being humble • High consciousness • Leader who follows and credits others for successes • Compassion

What stays, after you’ve gone through this profound journey, is gratitude for where you are and for who you’ve become. You are appreciating life more and this life frequency is contagious, magnetic and expanding. The goal of the journey was to experience the journey itself and to share its essence with your community. You’re home.

It’s the last day of your 12 day Hero’s Journey. Now, it’s up to you to practice what you’ve learnt and what inspired you. You are a hero. Your old life ended and your school starts now. All ends are new beginnings…

** Your bonus assignment for today **

Perform an act of kindness. For example, help an older person to cross the street. Or have a talk with a begger. Or pay forward someone’s coffee without saying. Or write an appreciation email to a dear friend. Or smile to strangers. I think you get the idea. Have fun!
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