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7. Grounding - Whale Rider - Go Inward and Reflect

We’re now entering the inner part of the Hero’s Journey. The first half was a mere outer journey where you were the actor of the action steps. Here you’re still are, though it’s becoming more subtle.

A little flashback in time. In the fourth phase we saw uncle Rawiri training Paikea in the art of Taiaha. But how did Paikea know that her uncle had hidden talents? It was her grandmother who pointed her in the right direction. Grounding is a mentor phase too, but more on an inward level.  

In today’s movie scene you’ll see a frustated Paka and his calm and wise wife as a goddess advice giver to Paikea.

Universal Story
The journey has been external so far. With this phase, it becomes more internal. After the celebration of her successes, the heroine reflects on her experiences and thoughtfully plans the next step.

Characteristics Grounding
• Preparing the next steps • Inner houskeeping • Centering yourself with practices • Inner wisdom of the goddess

Leadership Skills
• Eye for details • Giving and receiving feedback • Ability to discern • Planning, analyzing, evaluating 
• Tact • Sensitivity • Aesthetic feel

After having enjoyed your accomplishments it’s essential to shift the attention to your inner world. It’s time for introspective housekeeping. The focus is now more on the next step that is aligned with your dream or goal.

Now go deeper. It’s day 7 of your journey. Have a look at the following questions.

What is your hero(ine)’s word of the day?

What did you see in the movie clip?

How can you infuse your daily life with your inner wisdom?

What daily practices do you do to center yourself?
Experience your Hero's Journey again