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4. Mentor — Whale Rider — Be Open and Learn

Paikea is left out and ignored by Paka, while he’s training and educating the boys on the Maori traditions. One of the traditional arts is Taiaha, a martial art. Paikea is determined to learn this and she finds a surprising teacher; her uncle.

Ironically, the call to teach Paikea awakens him from his lethargic daily life where he just hangs around, drinks, and smokes weed. He regains the zest for life and even starts to work out again. Even his dad, Paka, is surprised. In a certain way, Paikea is a catalyst and wayshower for him too!

Enjoy this beautiful interaction.

Universal Story
The heroine can’t do it all alone and needs help. She’s open to learn and grow. The mentor gives her a secret weapon, feedback, and powerful life lessons.

Characteristics Mentor
• Open yourself up to new possibilities • Getting help • Stretch yourself • Reflection • Expand your horizons

Leadership Skills
• Willingness to learn • Renewal • Being a student • Honing your new skills and qualities • Brainstorming new ideas • Seeing things differently 

Being a student and open is a powerful habit for personal growth. In this way you’re willing to learn new skills that can propel yourself forward towards what you want to achieve – fast.

Moreover, learning with passion and full abandon is inspiring and gives you joy and energy to step into the world of possibilities. Sometimes all we need is a gentle push in the right direction to see, act, and be in a different way.

It’s day 4. Now get your personal playbook and turn to the questions.