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1. Prologue - Whale Rider - Birth of a Leader

For me, Whale Rider is one of those unique, universal movies that are made once every 5 years or so. It’s profound, mesmerizing, inspiring, and a powerful source for personal growth and leadership development.

Let me guide you in the Hero(ine)’s Journey of the protagonist, Paikea.
The story is set in a traditional Maori community in New Zealand. An old man, Paka, is waiting for a new leader to lead the tribe. His daughter-in-law is about to give birth and Paka is hoping the newborn boy will be the chosen one to lead the next generation. . .  

Warning! It’s a pretty intense scene. I’d like to invite you to look, observe, and feel what the metaphors are in this scene. Also, pay close attention to the details you feel, hear, and see!

Universal Story
The daily life of the hero(ine). It’s the inner preparation for the adventure. Certain routines don’t work anymore. The whole story in a nutshell.

Characteristics Prologue

• (Un)conscious preparation for your dream • Longing for a new start • Feeling restless, something is missing in life • Dreaming about a new life • Visions are bubbling up, but not to the tipping point

Leadership Skills

• Intuition • Basic trust • Allowing chaos in the moment • Flexibility • Big picture

The start of a new journey always has pointers or signs of how the story will unfold. So, how do you think Paikea’s journey will unfold? The prologue invokes the dream or vision for life. 

It’s day 1. Now get your personal journal and turn to the questions below.

What is your hero(ine)’s word of the day?

What did you see in the movie clip?

What is your dream for life or business for the coming 2-3 years?