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3. Resistance — Whale Rider — Turn It Into Fuel for Motivation

Today we’re zooming more into the relationship between Paikea and Paka, her stubborn grandfather. His personal mission is to find the new leader among the local boys. Paka is so determined and eager that he completely omits Paikea. Though she is saddened by this, Paikea loves Paka unconditionally.

This movie scene has many layers and I’d like to invite you to watch carefully and look for the metaphors. There are a bunch! It has to do with the call to infuse new energy into the community and also with the refusal of change.


Universal Story
An impulse to change is instantly met with resistance. Either an inner resistance or outer resistance from the community. Refusal of change.

Characteristics Resistance
• Saying ‘No’ to change • Staying in your comfort zone • Enjoying the old life • Increasing your stamina • Harmony

Leadership Skills
• Strengthening your (inner) muscles • Gaining courage and wisdom for your next step •  Building up confidence and belief • Turning blocking thoughts into fuel • Increasing your motivation  

A strong call for change is always met with resistance. This has to do with the fact that we think – actually our brains are programmed this way – we should stay in our comfort zone, because change is dangerous and unpredictable.

But turning resistance into fuel for motivation and progress is empowering. You’re building up your inner muscles. Also to become aware of your personal blocks or limited beliefs is a powerful step for your personal growth. As you confront your inner barriers, you can overcome them and turn them into resources.

It’s day 3. Now open your personal playbook and turn to the questions.