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11. Resurrection - Whale Rider - Be Fearless

At last, behold the initiation and birth of the true heroine. It’s the bold and courageous action of stepping into the shoes of a fearless leader that makes Paikea extraordinary.

At the perfect time when it was most needed, she acted with laser like focus. The choice was either to let the whales die – and thus the community would perish – or to sacrifice herself for something bigger than herself.

In yesterday’s movie scene we saw Paikea as a visionary, leading her to the whale. While the community was helpless and gave up on the whales, only she knew what to do and how to connect with the ancient creatures. Wayshower Paikea sitting on the back of the whale, like in the Maori legend, was the epiphany.

After all the experiences in her journey this was the right thing to do. This is the way of the new leader. The last episode of Paikea’s journey will be tomorrow, so there’s no movie clip today. 


Universal Story
After regaining new faith and purpose, the heroine is about to face the ultimate test; the one of true character. She’s on the threshold of becoming a real heroine, who is unshakeable, courageous and fearless.

Characteristics Resurrection
• Threshold to inner power • Only what’s worth dying for is worth living for • Facing your deepest fear 
• Death of the old, rebirth of the new

Leadership Skills
• Integrity & authenticity • Fearlesness & independence • Living from your highest principles • Taking a stand • Embracing the deepest truth

Today is the birth of the new you. Turn to your journal and write down your answers on these questions.
What is your hero(ine)’s word of the day?

What is a heroine to you?

Make a list of your core values and principles. How do you live them in your daily life?  

What old identity are you shedding off and what new energy are you inviting  in your life right now?

Experience your Hero's Journey again