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5. Selection - Whale Rider - Test Yourself

Tests, trials and errors are necessary to grow and to simply find out what works and what doesn’t.  

Here’s the first big test for Paikea: Retrieving the lost whale tooth necklace of her grandfather Paka. In a previous challenge for the boys he threw his necklace in the sea and ordered them to bring it back. Unfortunately, they couldn’t, leaving Paka disappointed.

On a next occassion Paikea, her uncle, and some friends are out for a little boat trip to the spot where Paka lost his belonging.

Universal Story
The heroine wants to test herself and her new powers. But there are gatekeepers who guard the world she wants to enter. She needs to defeat them to prove her worth and to continue her journey. The selection threshold is a barrier to overcome.

Characteristics Selection
• There’s a hierarchy of power • With her new skills the heroine tries to slay the dragon • Being in or out • The first big test

Leadership Skills
• Bottomline thinking • Result oriented • Concretizing matters • Testing yourself • The power of the mind • Prioritizing

Part of life is about challenges and tests. They could affirm you’re on the right track. Or they could give you some good pointers. Or they could boost your confidence and self-worth.

Even if you ‘fail’, the moment itself is highly valuable because you’ve learnt something and have the option to tweak your course, so that you won’t do it again. 

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