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6. Star - Whale Rider - Shine Your Light

In the mentor phase you learnt new skills and in the selection phase you tested them. After you’ve passed this threshold, it’s time to celebrate your successes.

As we’ve seen in the movie clip yesterday, Paikea managed to retrieve the special necklace of Paka. This is her glorious moment. This is her time to know she’s capable and resourceful. Her confidence, faith and belief are growing and she’s enjoying the accomplishment.

For today I have the same movie clip as yesterday. But now, focus on the excitement and joy of Paikea, once she managed to complete the task. Look at it with different eyes.

Universal Story
The heroine slays the dragon, passes the test, or defeats the guardians on the threshold. She finds her new power and celebrates the first big success.

Characteristics Star
• Gaining more faith, confidence, and belief • Celebrating the achievement • Basking in the moment 
• Experiencing a temporary success

Leadership Skills
• Expressing yourself • Shining your light • Radiate passion • Being in the center of attention and enjoying it • Being in your element • Being magnetic • Having confidence

Acknowledging your success after hard work or intensive preparation is something vital. It’s basking in the moment of fulfillment with joy and surrender.

You’re doing great! You reached the halfway point. Now turn to day 6 of your journal.

What is your hero(ine)’s word of the day?

How did you see the movie clip differently?

What have you learnt so far?

What do you most love to do?

Experience your Hero's Journey again