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3 Ways to Return to Faith and Make a Big Leap Forward Towards Your Dreams

3 Ways to Return to Faith in Your Daily Life 

Do you find yourself most of the time doing what you love to do? And then suddenly doubt, fear or disbelief creeps in throwing sand in your creative engine and stopping your flow?

Can you relate to this? I certainly can.

As an entrepreneur I constantly make choices what to do first and what ideas to follow or not. When I’m in creation mode things seem to flow easily. The right steps come to me effortlessly and timely. But sometimes my inner voice pops up to stop my joyful process.

My train of blocking thoughts becomes stronger as it tries to derail me from my desired path. But fortunately I trained myself to observe this situation and to turn around these thoughts into positive and uplifting energy so that I can start focusing again. It’s not always easy and challenging at times, but it all starts with faith.

What is faith

Faith is the strong belief that there’s a force greater than you that you always can rely on. This high intelligence is the super power we all have inside of us and in times when we need it most, all we need to do is to call upon.

Faith can immediately bring you back on track and realign you with your vision and goal. It naturally trancends the general opinion that we think we have to do it all by ourselves.

Take a chance on faith and magic will happen. 

3 ways to return to faith

I give you three simple techniques that help me realign with my joy, focus and dreams, when I feel I’m starting to get in my way and sabotage myself.

1. Stop what you’re doing and move away from it. Go do something else, like taking a walk or make a tea so that the mind chatter can stop. What you’re doing is redirecting your focus and thereby silencing (or tricking) your mind.

2. Explicitly take three deep breaths in and out while saying to yourself: ‘I am well’, ‘I am safe’ and ‘I am aligned’. You’re immediately starting to feel centered again.

3. Yawn, move your head around, loosen your shoulders and walk a bit. Now you’re start to relax and your mind simply can’t keep up with this instant relaxation. You’re getting back to the present moment.

The three steps help me to return to believe in myself again and regain faith. I remember who I am and that is infinite source. These practices strengthen my feelings, thoughts and actions with unwavering belief, faith and gratitude.

What practice do you have to nourish faith in your daily life?

Let me know in the comments below. And share this blog post with friends who you’d think might be inspired by this.

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Kim Ho Leung

I’m an international leadership mentor, trainer and speaker. My passion is to support you to become a successful leader in your life and business.