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A Picture Replaces a Thousand Words

A picture replaces a thousand words


How’s your summer been so far?

Here in South-Ecuador we’re enjoying the dry season with clouds, strong winds, and lots of sun.

I haven’t talked much about one of my greatest passions. So I thought it’d be nice to share a bit about it.

Have you guessed what it is. . . ? Movies!

I’m a huge aficionado — love this word — and I try to watch a movie every week. Yes, I know, that’s not much, is it? But being a father of four children and running a business brings a lot of responsibilities and priorities. 

(My daughter Uma Fa and me, both pro film fans)

It’s certainly different than those days when I was in my early twenties. I’d go to the cinema three times a week, or occasionally, I’d even watch 5 films a day — Yes, a full immersion, or meditation.

Particularly, on times when nobody would think to go. Like on Sunday mornings at 10am. Loved that, being in the cinema room with a few fellow fans, or sometimes, alone.

Stories in movies move me, captivate me, inspire me, and actually, I have learnt a lot about life through these arts. It has always been a window to a new world for me. Where I could explore, wonder, reflect, and understand life a bit more.

​​​​It is true when one says: “A picture replaces a thousand words. . .”

In my work as a Leadership Trainer, Mentor, and Speaker, I love utilizing pieces of inspiring movies to enhance personal growth, leadership, meaning, and purpose with my audience and clients. It’s fulfilling to see how people respond to this learning method in such a positive and enthusiastic way.

I evoke feelings and emotions, and invite my audience to look at the clips in different ways. To wonder and to look beyond the image, and experience the metaphors for growth and leadership.

I believe these new insights can bring about a higher awareness and a enhanced mindset.

Do you want to experience the power and inspiration of a movie clip?

Today, I’d love to invite you to click on the movie clip below. It’s taken from the breathtakingly beautiful movie Moonlight, that won an Oscar for best movie in 2017.
Go ahead, and experience an empowering lesson about holding space, helping, being present, initiation, and learning a life lesson.

Moonlight is the coming of age story of a young boy named Chiron, who’s growing up in a poor neighbourhood in Miami. He lives with his mom who’s a drug addict. Chiron struggles with his place in the world and also with his budding homosexuality.

The only person who cares about him is a local drug dealer. This man, who becomes sort of a surogate father, — a fabulous performance by Mahershala Ali who won an oscar for this role! — invites Chiron to go to the beach for the first time.

Can’t wait for you to watch it!

(Credits Moonlight: Barry Jenkins, USA 2016).

What did you see?
What inspired you?
What metaphors for personal growth and leadership did you see?

Share in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you.

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