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What can The Hero's Journey do for you?

The Hero’s Journey is a compelling exploration into personal growth, leadership and human experiences. It’s deep and insightful because it can help you to be aware of who you are and can predict the next steps in your life. It can support you to improve your leadership skills so that you become more authentic and effective.

Essentially, it uncovers and illuminates the powerful story within you. It shifts and expands your reality. And this will give you more clarity and focus to lead and succeed.

The framework has 12 universal phases of human development that you’re going through in daily life. For example as a teenager, young adult, adult, entrepreneur, or manager. These stages give an overview of where you are. And this awareness can give you fulfillment and value.

Therefore, the Hero’s Journey gives a clear pattern that can help you to be a conscious leader. You can better understand the dynamics in your own life. With this wisdom, you can be more present.


The Hero’s Journey is based on the life’s work of Joseph Campbell. He was a philosopher, university professor and, above all, storyteller and mythologist. In 1949 his magum opus The Hero with a Thousand Faces was published. 

The Journey is a dynamic model of the universal human experiences that originate back to the great stories from all around the world. Campbell is still regarded as the expert on comparative mythology, human experience and existence.

I was trained in The Double Healix, which taps into the deep wisdom of the Hero’s Journey.
I further infused Campbell’s work with practices to be present, success principles, management themes, and my life’s experiences.

I love working with clients and organizations and help them grow and be successful, utilizing this transformative framework.

  • Kim Ho Leung facilitated a workshop on leadership for a group of directors of Dutch Housing Associations. He's an inspiring professional and a kind person, capable of creating a learning atmosphere with a diverse group of participants. Hence he guided us through an intense reflection on personal leadership.”
    Dick van Ginkel, Management Consultant, The Netherlands

  • Kim Ho gave an interactive presentation for a group of 50 people at an annual client day. He’s an inspiring leadership trainer who uses movie clips to convey his message and he does it in an extraordinary way.”
    Fons Nijnens, Management Consultant, The Netherlands

The 12 phases of The Hero's Journey

What does each phase tell you?


The initial preparation for the journey


A powerful event sets the journey in motion


The refusal of change keeps you stuck


Getting help of the teacher and learn new things


The moment to test yourself—first challenge


Passing the threshold and celebrating success


Inner preparation for the next step of the journey


A dramatic event turns the wheel of fortune


Cut the cord and sense of urgency in darkest hour


Remembering who you are and finding your voice


Surviving the biggest test and living with integrity


Purified by your experiences and being of service