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What can The Hero's Journey do for you?

The Hero’s Journey is a fascinating exploration into personal growth, leadership and human experiences. It’s deep and insightful because it can help you to be aware of who you are and can predict the next steps in your life. It can also help you to improve your leadership skills so that you become more authentic and effective.

Furthermore, it reveals and illuminates the powerful story within you. It shifts and expands your reality. And this will give you more clarity and focus to lead and succeed.

The Journey consists of 12 universal phases of human development that you’re encountering in daily life. For example as a parent, student, entrepreneur, artist, executive, or manager. These stages give an overview of where you are. And this awareness adds meaning, purpose and value to your life.

Therefore, the Hero’s Journey gives a clear structure that can help you to be a better leader. In addition, with its insights, you more understand the hero’s dynamics in your own life. With this wisdom, you have the confidence to guide others with faith, belief and clarity.


The Hero’s Journey is based on the revolutionary life’s work of Joseph Campbell. Campbell was a philosopher, university professor and, above all, storyteller and mythologist. In 1938 he wrote his magnum opus The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

The Journey is a dynamic framework of the universal human experiences that originate back to the great stories from all around the world. Until now Campbell is still regarded as the authority on comparative mythology, human experience and existence.

Manfred van Doorn, international Top Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer, upgraded Campbell’s groundbreaking insights. Consequently, he created the leadership framework Double Healix.

I was personally trained by him. I further infused Campbell’s work with abundance mindset practices, success principles, management practices and my life experiences.

And I have more than 10 years experience in working with The Hero’s Journey and Double Healix
. I just love working with my clients and help them grow while using this powerful framework. 

  • Kim Ho Leung facilitated a workshop on leadership for a group of directors of Dutch Housing Associations. He's an inspiring professional and a kind person, capable of creating a learning atmosphere with a diverse group of participants. Hence he guided us through an intense reflection on personal leadership.”
    Dick van Ginkel, Management Consultant, The Netherlands

  • Kim Ho gave an interactive presentation for a group of 50 people at an annual client day. He’s an inspiring leadership trainer who uses movie clips to convey his message and he does it in an extraordinary way.”
    Fons Nijnens, Management Consultant, The Netherlands

The 12 phases of The Hero's Journey

What does each phase tell you?

1. Prologue - Start of adventure

The initial preparation for your journey. Your roots as the fertile foundation.

2. Call - Spark the quest

A powerful event sets the journey in motion. The impulse to act.

3. Resistance - Denial of call

The refusal of change. Staying in your comfort zone. 

4. Mentor - Stretch yourself

Getting help of the master. The time to learn new things. 

5. Selection - Show your skills

The moment to test yourself. Entering the new world of power. 

 6. Star - Enjoy the moment

Celebrating your first success. Shining and feeling confident.

 7. Grounding - Reflect on events

 Inner preparation for the next step. Adding form and structure.

 8. Reversal - Loss of control

 A dramatic event turns your wheel of fortune. Ability to surrender.

 9. Dagger - Razor's edge

The sense of urgency in your toughest and darkest hour.

 10. Return - Light at the end of the tunnel

Remembering who you are and finding your true voice.

 11. Resurrection - Living the truth

 Living with full integrity. Standing for your principles.

 12. Elixir - Discover the treasure

 Being purified by your experiences. Living your purpose and serving others.