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  • Thank you, Kim Ho. That was a fantastic workshop! I really enjoyed it and loved the information and how you presented it. Impressive and so important to our life's journey."
    Kathy Coffey, United States

My name is Kim Ho Leung and I’m an international Leadership Trainer, Mentor and Speaker.

I’ve been practicing my vocation for more than 15 years. I’ve worked with numerous companies, government organisations, universities, and individuals, and helped them to grow their leadership skills and presence. 

I absolutely love to teach about personal growth with The Hero’s Journey, and support people to find direction, clarity and purpose in their life and business.

My passion is to lead events to inspire and empower you, and to share easy practices to improve your daily life.

Do you want to live fully?
Do you wish to feel more joy, abundance and gratitude?
Do you want to learn about your own Hero’s Journey, so that you have more direction and clarity to live a meaningful life?

If so, this might be for you.

Saturday 16 September 2023, I’ll host a workshop about The Hero’s Journey, self-discovery, and personal leadership at my home in the beautiful Capamaco Valley, Vilcabamba.

It’s going to be a dynamic, interactive, and fun event where I’ll share about the 12 pillars of The Hero’s Journey and show you how you can recognize these steps in your life and business. This experience is for both women and men.



I’ll illuminate the teachings with powerful and inspiring movie clips to boost your learning and understanding. Short exercises, and questions for reflection will be part of this workshop too.

This experience is an introduction to your own Hero’s Journey as you’re going to explore and enhance your leadership skills, and learn new ways of being, seeing, and thinking. 


(Heroes & heroines at a home event)



(Heroes & heroines at 1 day retreat)



Join me and your fellow students for this workshop filled with high energy, great inspiration, and positive vibes. There are 12 spots available

You’ll learn

* The 12 universal phases of your Hero’s Journey
* How to recognize these steps in your life and business
* 12 key leadership traits
* To discover your own Hero’s Journey for more clarity and direction
* The power of inspiring movie clips as mirrors for human experiences
* How to add deep meaning and great purpose to your daily life

I’m super excited to guide you and look forward to co-create this event together!

More info
Event: The Hero’s Journey Experience
Date: Saturday 16 September, 2023
Place: Mi casa in the Capamaco Valley*, Vilcabamba
Time: 10:00am—1:00pm. Doors open 9:30am, and we’ll welcome you with fresh horchata tea.
Price: $20. Included organic tea and a delicious sweet made by my daughter Faye.

*When you sign up, I’ll send you the exact directions to my house and ways how to get here.
Participants can easily share a taxi from Parque Central.

Preregister with Kim Ho Leung | | 099 303 8 369
Reserve your spot by paying through the Purchase Now button below or by paying me in person. I have 12 seats.

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$ 20
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3 hr workshop 12 Universal Phases Powerful Movie Clips Learn & Grow

  • I felt very grateful and blessed to meet Kim Ho because I came more closer to my purpose and he helped me to better understand things of my life. Through his stories and teachings he inspired me to be brave and to show the world who I really am. Also working with him was very enriching because he's very funny, organised, dynamic and respectful. He showed videos, quotes, told his experiences, performed concentration exercises, and interacted with the public. I loved working with him! I'm very excited to continue learning because Kim Ho is a great professional, but most importantly, he's A GREAT HUMAN BEING".
    Karol Elizabeth Coronel Mora, Cuenca, Ecuador

  • Thank you Kim Ho, for a most professional, yet personal presentation. I feel like I know you so much better than before. I can see a maturity beyond your years that commands my respect, and makes me eager to see/know/hear more from you."
    Dr. Jim Braman, Chiropractor, Vilcabamba, Ecuador

  • Working with Kim Ho was excellent. The workshop was dynamic and specific. I came back to believe in myself and reorganise my ideas to work again on the projects that allow me to enhance my abilities and skills."
    Genaro Pedro Vélez Tobar, Engineer, Cuenca, Ecuador

  • Daisha and I would like to thank you for your presentation on The Hero(ine)'s Journey. It was a super inspiring experience. The 12 phases, the movie clips and the energy in the room were very powerful. Seeing you performing with such deep passion made a big impression and inspired us to perform on stage too one day."
    Daisha Kissel, Life Purpose Empowerment Coach & Steven Cannoodt, Gentle Giant Journey Guide, Vilcabamba, Ecuador

  • The workshop in Cuenca given by Kim Ho Leung was really valuable for me because I had the chance to see life from a different perspective and discover that there are many ways to learn about how to treat people and manage situations. Working with him was amazing because he knows how to interact with his audience and he could capture all our attention during the whole event. He used different materials in order to explain us what the workshop was about and gave us advice about how to improve ourselves in any way we want. I learned that in life every person goes through different stages when they want to achieve a goal. And in order to manage each of these stages, the very first thing that it is important is that we have to get to know ourselves how we really are and how we will react, so in that way it'd be easier for us to improve anything we want. We have to go step by step, learning every single situation and always giving the best of us. I definitely would recommend Kim Ho Leung's workshop because it's a big opportunity to open our mind to new concepts about how life, situations and people are and work."
    Nicol Garzón, Cuenca, Ecuador

  • The workshop was amazing! I discovered so many things that I know they will help me for my entire life."
    Christian Carpio, Manager EGO radio, Cuenca, Ecuador

  • The presentation was an amazing experience because Kim Ho knows about the topics and has much experience! He does his job very well and enjoys doing it."
    Alexandra Lucia Piedra Mora, Process Manager, Cuenca, Ecuador

  • It was a pleasure to see Kim Ho in his element, sharing himself and his knowledge about The Hero’s Journey. It is clear he's following this path himself as he speaks from experience. His video presentations to help convey his message were a perfect aid to keep the presentation entertaining and easy to digest. They were very inspiring for us to help us rediscover our hero’s within. Thank you, Kim Ho, for guiding others along in your wake! We wish you and all of your participants continued success."
    Liliya Dale, Life Coach & Christopher Dale, Vilcabamba, Ecuador

  • El taller fue bastante valioso tanto desde el punto de vista académico como profesional, pues existen pasos necesarios para asegurar el éxito, trabajar con Kim Ho fue grandioso, transmite una gran energía. Me impacto la parte que se menciona que se requiere de un tutor o una imagen a seguir, para tener guía cuando uno tambalee, además que una vez alcanzado el éxito no se debe olvidar las raíces. Expreso un profundo agradecimiento pues el conocimiento adquirido es muy valioso, y quedo ansioso la fecha de publicación de su libro."
    Juan Diego Zúñiga Loja, Entrepreneur, Cuenca, Ecuador