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How Do You Surf The Waves of Life

How do you surf the waves of life?
“You need to become the wave,
detach from the outcome, 
expect to fall the first times,
and surrender to it. . .”

In January, me and my family spent some beautiful days at Ayampe beach. It literally was so refreshing to leave behind the sacred valley and expand our minds and horizons. We felt like children again, playing and running along the beach and feeling the immense energy of the ocean.

Also to see my two youngest daughters, Faye and Mei Li, meeting the waves for the first times in their lives and having so much fun was absolutely priceless =^}!

True wonders. 

My oldest daughter Uma Fa (see pic above) took a surf class and enjoyed it very much. While she was with cool & amazing surf instructor Matteo, I was listening to his lessons. He said something like:

“You need to become the wave,
detach from the outcome,

expect to fall the first times,
and surrender to it. . .”

I was inspired by such simple and profound insights.

Just powerful metaphors for our lives.

When we’re encountering the waves of daily life, some might be gentle and soft, while others might be strong and overwhelming. Some waves are easy to dance to and others are very challenging to cope with.

The right question here is: How do you dance with the waves you get?

Benevolent waves are easy, but it’s all about how you deal with the powerful, and not so kind ones that hit you un-ex-pec-ted-ly and fast.

Becoming the wave is staying present in the moment, no matter what.
Detaching from the outcome is the transcendence of painstakingly striving and pushing.
Expecting the fall is accepting what is.
And surrendering becomes the heartfelt embrace of all life experiences — The Good, Bad, and the Ugly.

(Pic below: Uma, I & gorgeous sunset)

How do you surf the waves of life? 

I’d love to hear from you, so share with me. Gracias.

Be a hero(ine).

From my beach heart to yours,
Kim Ho

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