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In-Company Training—In Person and Online

My name is Kim Ho Leung and I’m an international Leadership Trainer, Mentor and Speaker.

I’ve been practicing my vocation for 15+ years and worked with many companies, municipalities, universities, and professionals.

I am absolutely passionate about teaching personal leadership with The Hero’s Journey, and help individuals and organizations to be better leaders and to help allow meaning and purpose come into their daily life.

I have broad experience in leading in-company trainings to help teams grow their leadership skills so that they can be more effective and successful, and that they are aligned with their true potential. I can customize the trainings to the specific needs and desires of my clients.

I infuse every presentation with my life’s experiences, wisdom, and personal stories. I illuminate my teachings with transformative movie clips to super charge your learning. Tai chi exercises, meditations, assignments, and questions for reflection are usually part of trainings too.

Your results can be
* Increased awareness and consciousness
* Better performance
* New ways of seeing
* Better vision
* Better communication
* Better teamwork
* More creativity 
* Increased responsibility
* Aligned actions
* Focus
* Joy & ease
* More centered and present

  • The 12-day course helped me to get clear on what my story is in order for me to breakthrough my current reality, and all the emotions that go with that, to live a better life. Kim Ho is a very centered mentor with a deep understanding of the Hero's Journey. His presence alone makes this a very inspiring experience! I learned that on the other side of fear is success. When you can face your fears with courage and keep moving along with the doubts, you can live a greater life. I would recommend the Hero's Journey and Kim Ho to others because this is a unique way to view your life, create a story that helps you envision your ideal life, and identify key steps along the way that you can expect. Taking the time each day to reflect on the lessons sheds a lot of light on who you are as a person!
    Jimmy Diesel, Marketing Consultant, USA
Online Classes

I’ve transitioned the in-person leadership trainings to online. The time in human history is super potent to rethink change and growth, to adapt, and recreate oneself for a sustainable now and future.

Are you ready for transformation and grow your personal leadership?
Do you want to be a conscious leader and live from your full potential?
Is your team ready for the next level of leadership and growth?

I can support you with this.

My key leadership training programs are available online (English/Dutch). You might want to consider such an online training where I can teach you about personal growth, leadership competences and development, and reflection, in order to be more successful and abundant. 

Topics of Leadership Trainings
* The 12 stages of the personal leadership development process with The Hero’s Journey
* The 12 key leadership traits with The Hero’s Journey
* Teambuilding and team roles with the 12 phases of The Hero’s Journey
* The 6 universal paradoxes of leadership
* Personal leadership from presence and stillness
* Personal leadership from a state of joy, abundance and gratitude
* Leadership, envisioning, and personal development according to clients’ needs and wants

I’m available for bookings for half days (4 hrs), full days (8 hrs), multiple days, and extensive leadership courses in management development programs.

For more info and proposals, contact me. Or email:  


Online Sessions

Live online trainings with Zoom and powerful interactions

Hero’s Journey

Enhance your leadership and of your team with The Journey

Group Dynamic

Learn with your team members and accelerate your growth


Receive a special workbook to reflect and learn

What is an online training?

An online training is a virtual class by Zoom video. Think of a place where we can get together with your team members and learn. Everyone is logging in from a different place. During the class there’s space for learning and the possibility to interact and listen to the others, like in an in-person meeting. 

What different modes of learning do you offer?

The online training is a blended learning experience. Live interaction, exercises & assignments, virtual breakout rooms, reflection with a personal workbook, and private access to transformative video content, before and after the class, to expand your growth.

Who is teaching the classes?

Kim Ho Leung is your guide in the online classes. He’s a highly experienced teacher, with a calm presence and masterful listening powers.

Where do I get support?

For support you can contact me anytime. If you have questions, concerns, or want to share aha’s and wins, I’ll be there for you. The support goes through email and WhatsApp.

Can I participate from home?

Yes, definitely! It’s an online program that only requires a good internet connection so that you can log in from anywhere in the world.

How can I attend the online training?

The online session will take place through Zoom. Before, the exact details about the day, time, time zone, and the zoom link will be emailed. As well the password to get access to the training.  

Insinger de Beaufort
McDonalds International
Royal Navy, Dutch Ministry of Defence
Dutch Senior Civil Service, Dutch Ministry of General Affairs
Rijkswaterstaat, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment
De Baak
Double Healix LEAD
Consort Group
Dutch Basketball Association
UWV – Employee Insurance Company
Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst)
University of Groningen
University of Applied Sciences Leiden
University of Applied Sciences The Hague
Rotterdam Business School
Royal Conservatory The Hague
Dutch Film and Television Academy Amsterdam
Municipality Amsterdam, Venlo, Leiden, Zuidplas, Hardenberg
EDEC EP (Governmental organization, Cuenca, Ecuador)

  • I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing workshop of the other day: The Hero’s Journey retreat! The event has been transformational for me and for my business. Thanks to your exercises and powerful questions, I was able to get so much clarity about my life and the purpose in my business. Now I know where I am in my personal hero’s journey, and I can also share this powerful knowledge with my clients and followers. I’d definitely recommend your workshop to anybody looking for clarity in their life, in their career, and to gain more self-awareness about their own life’s journey.”
    Gabriele di Mauro, Career Consultant & Life Coach, Italy

  • Thank you, Kim Ho for such an amazing and thought provoking introduction to the Hero's Journey. And, what a beautiful setting you, Fleur, and your children provided to encourage me to explore my personal journey. As a result, I was able to recognize and appreciate my previous journeys and achievements. Furthermore, I have become motivated to stay on an upward continuum as I start my new journey here in Ecuador. I certainly recommend working with you, Kim Ho. You are an inspirational and caring leader. Thank you for your presence, wisdom, and extended support.
    Patricia Egerton, Cuenca, Ecuador

  • After the Private Intensive with Kim Ho I felt so happy and invigorated because the tai chi, The Hero’s Journey, and the moments with his family were so inspiring. What I learnt is to enjoy life in the little moments, to smile more, and not to overthink things—to stay present. It was fantastic to work with Kim Ho! He was there for me all the time. I could feel his positive energy and dedication to help me improve my life.
    Genaro Pedro Vélez Tobar, Engineer, Cuenca, Ecuador

  • Daisha and I would like to thank you for your presentation on The Hero(ine)'s Journey. It was a super inspiring experience. The 12 phases, the movie clips and the energy in the room were very powerful. Seeing you performing with such deep passion made a big impression and inspired us to perform on stage too one day.
    Daisha Kissel, Life Purpose Empowerment Coach & Steven Cannoodt, Gentle Giant Journey Guide, Vilcabamba, Ecuador

  • The workshop in Cuenca given by Kim Ho Leung was really valuable for me because I had the chance to see life from a different perspective and discover that there are many ways to learn about how to treat people and manage situations. Working with him was amazing because he knows how to interact with his audience and he could capture all our attention during the whole event. He used different materials in order to explain us what the workshop was about and gave us advice about how to improve ourselves in any way we want. I learned that in life every person goes through different stages when they want to achieve a goal. And in order to manage each of these stages, the very first thing that it is important is that we have to get to know ourselves how we really are and how we will react, so in that way it'd be easier for us to improve anything we want. We have to go step by step, learning every single situation and always giving the best of us. I definitely would recommend Kim Ho Leung's workshop because it's a big opportunity to open our mind to new concepts about how life, situations and people are and work."
    Nicol Garzón, Cuenca, Ecuador