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Mentoring Session

Feel seen. Feel heard. Feel empowered.


A mentor is a friend, guide and loyal supporter. He observes and listens to you and offers wisdom, new perspectives and ideas.

He not only encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, but also inspires and dares you to stretch your mind.

At the start of my journey, I was fortunate to have such a mentor who challenged me to become the best version of myself. I still remember the valuable lessons and insights.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been working as a mentor.
My passion is to guide you to your full expression, and give clarity and direction on your life’s path.


A session to support you to grow your leadership, get clarity and focus, and to unlock your potential. So that you can be more successful


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Integrate what you’ll learn for more abundance and clarity. You’ll discover new ways of being, seeing and doing, and feel inspired and grateful

  • I've learned from Kim Ho what it feels like to be in the present moment. To have healthy habits and to create more structure in my life. Also to improve my life in many forms and ways. To accept darkness as part of life. To live well and to improve myself on a daily basis. Before I felt chaotic. Not really knowing where I should go or what it is that I am doing. Now I feel like I am walking my path and feel more confident and supportive with it. To work with him is joyous. Kim Ho sees where I am at the moment and he has a very pure and uplifting perspective. He shows ways that I couldn't think of. Or sees things that I can't see. Also, I feel safe to share who I am. He holds a powerful, light container. He feels like a very smart friend who really has the best interest and really has a good heart and spirit in helping others to create a better life. His knowledge, appearance and insights remind me of magic and I feel heard, supported and seen! Plus he’s a great listener!
    Ylva Dalebout, The Netherlands

  • The contrast between how I first met Kim Ho and the the role he played in my life after meeting him again 20 years later, is a perfect example of a story that started seemingly insignificant but turned out to be very inspiring. It’s amazing how life sometimes presents you with the right things at the right time and Kim Ho helped me realise just that. Every experience we have is valuable and in stead of focussing on the pain and helping me find more ways to process it, he made me really see the value of my contrast, of all contrast and the beauty that lies within. The way he did that, you will have to experience for yourself but once you see it, you will look at things differently. There is no quick fix and it doesn't take special skills to see it. It just takes the right person at the right time and I think Kim Ho is the one. Kim Ho is a great friend, mentor, kind and loving person who I'd recommend to anyone looking for answers. It is not hard work and it shouldn't be in my opinion. The work is always in progress and Kim Ho can help you on your way just like he did for me.
    Laurens Heidinga, former KLM Captain, The Netherlands
Mentoring Session

Are you stuck and need more guidance on your path?
Do you want more clarity, focus and balance in your life and business?
Do you want to discover the essential steps in your hero’s journey so that you can be more successful and abundant?

In my mentoring sessions I can help you to get more calmness, clarity and presence in your daily life and teach you simple, empowering practices.

My goal is to support you to unlock your full potential, grow your leadership, and to help to transform limited beliefs and thoughts that block you of living the fullest version of you. 

The fee for a 1 hour session is €175.


Mentoring is for you if you want to enhance your personal leadership, and wish more balance and focus in your daily life. I will teach you practices to allow fulfillment, abundance, success and meaning into your daily life.

How does a session work
• First you schedule a mentoring session
• You’ll receive a confirmation by email
• You’ll pay the fee in advance through the ‘Book Now’ button below
• At the appointment, we’ll meet each other through Zoom
• A session is 60 minutes
• You’ll bring an open heart, mind and soul
• I’ll hold space and provide wisdom & insights

Your results can be
• More inner peace and calmness
• More abundance
• More clarity and focus
• Meaning and purpose in business and life
• Better self understanding
• Reclaim your true power
• Experience more joy and freedom
• Feeling inspired
• Being more effective in your daily life
• Lead with confidence and certainty

How to book
To make an appointment, select a day and time in the calendar. Fill in your name and email and you’ll get an automatic email confirmation. Your session is confirmed after your payment.

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Get highly inspired and allow meaning and purpose into your life. Embrace your true genius and be a true leader aligned with joy, abundance and gratitude.

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Once your payment is received, the session is confirmed.
Virtual Mentoring Session

1 Hour Session Feel Seen Feel Heard Feel Empowered

  • Working with Kim Ho has taught me to honour my journey as unique and full of purpose. I learnt to have confidence in myself, in my journey, with his continuous reminders. It improved the connection with myself and with my family. Every time after the mentoring session, I felt I found myself with a lot of peace and my actions immediately felt more connected with my heart. Working with him was a gift. I'll always feel grateful to have had the opportunity to be guided and supported in this stage of my life by him. Thank you Kim Ho, for playing this role in my life!
    Haydee Loaiza, Ecuador

  • Kim Ho introduced me to the works of Joseph Campbell and Double Healix. And he showed me how this can help organizations and people to understand more of their experiences and development. He did that in very convincing way. He guided me to have new observations and a better understanding of the leadership dynamics in our company. Although he was in his early 30’s, Kim Ho did it with a natural wisdom, inner stillness, independency and lots of movie knowledge. I’m enthusiastic about his work and personality. It’s a pity he travels so much, because it’s a great pleasure and inspiring to work with him."
    Menno Aardewijn, Business Consultant & Blogger, The Netherlands