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The Hero's Journey Retreat

August 4th—13th 2019, Vilcabamba, Ecuador
10 Transformational days
6 Bold persons
With Kim Ho Leung

"A hero is someone who has given his or her life
to something that is bigger than oneself." 

— Joseph Campbell

The Hero's Journey Retreat
“Ever find yourself sometimes doin’ the same thing
walkin’ the same old life
Lookin’ back on yesterday and dreamin’ the same dream
wishin’ away the time

And then you answer your feelings
and look deep inside
You know there’s gotta be meaning
or are we here for the ride?”
(From the song: Star Chasers by 4 Hero)


Like you, everyone is on an incredible life’s journey. It’s a great adventure of discovery, to realize dreams, to reach goals, and to contribute. Besides growth and successes, the journey is also filled with uncertainties, challenges, trials, blocks. Life is about accepting these waves, discovering who you are and experiencing that.

How would it be if you could be aware of the different life phases you’re going through?
What would you do if you have the chance to embrace the fullest expression of yourself?
What would it mean to you if you could live a life full of deep meaning and great purpose?
And you can be a leader of your own life?

I created the Hero’s Journey 10 Day Retreat to support you in discovering and unlocking the hero(ine) within you. To remember who you are. To be present. To find clarity. To enhance your leadership skills.

In this retreat I’ll share my life’s experiences, wisdom, knowledge, and all what I’ve learnt about The Hero’s Journey. The course is based on the insights of Joseph Campbell, The Double Healix model, and many more inspiring and powerful teachings.

My purpose is to help you awaken the amazing potential that is within you. The twelve universal phases of The Hero’s Journey can show you your true power. Stepping into this power can give you more joy, energy, success, and abundance in your business and life.

At this retreat, I will hold the sacred space where you feel safe and seen, and where you can explore, learn, release, grow, and be yourself. I look forward to meet you in person here in Vilcabamba—The Valley of Longevity.

This is my personal invitation for you.

May you be supported.
May you listen to your inner call.
May you expand beyond your wildest dreams and beyond.

With deep gratitude,
Kim Ho
The Big Picture

12 Phases of the Hero's Journey  
10 Transformational days
Live lessons daily
Vibrant and healthy foods
Abundant nature
 Inspiring movie clips
Assignments, exercises & meditations
Full 10 day individual mentoring & support

"The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away." 

— Pablo Picasso

Phase 1 — Prologue

The big picture — Source — Envision

Phase 2 — Call

Initiate — Responsibility — Set the tone

Phase 3 — Resistance

Build up — Motivation — Stamina

Phase 4 — Mentor

Recreate yourself — Learn — Creativity

Phase 5 — Selection

Test yourself — Initiation — Outer power

Phase 6 — Star

Shine — Express yourself — Passion

Phase 7 — Grounding

Reflect — Inner wisdom — Discern

Phase 8 — Reversal

Surrender — Be still — Listen

Phase 9 — Dagger

Urgency — Release — Let go

Phase 10 — Return

Vision — Focus — Renewal

Phase 11 — Resurrection

Death & rebirth — Transformation — Become a hero(ine)

Phase 12 — Elixir

Serving — Giving — Living your purpose

"In the depth of winter I finally learnt
there's an invincible summer within me." 

— Albert Camus

  • Thank you, Kim Ho for such an amazing and thought provoking introduction to the Hero's Journey. And, what a beautiful setting you, Fleur, and your children provided to encourage me to explore my personal journey. As a result, I was able to recognize and appreciate my previous journeys and achievements. Furthermore, I have become motivated to stay on an upward continuum as I start my new journey here in Ecuador. I certainly recommend working with you, Kim Ho. You are an inspirational and caring leader. Thank you for your presence, wisdom, and extended support.
    Patricia Egerton, Vilcabamba, Ecuador
The Hero's Journey Retreat

For you
Are you an entrepreneur who wants to make a huge difference in someone else’s life?
Are you a CEO, leader, or manager who desires to lead with more vision, depth, and authenticity? 
Are you a soulfilled person who wants to discover more meaning and purpose in life?

Learn more about The Hero’s Journey and work with me personally in the 10 Day Hero’s Journey Retreat in amazing Vilcabamba—The Valley of Longevity.

Immerse yourself in the incredible lush nature, surrounded by the majestic Andean mountains, and the pristine Capa Maco river, and deepen your teachings.

Nature walks, the tranquility of our land, and the energizing river are some of the great features of the valley I’m living in. Imagine being here and absorbing the powerful essence of nature in order to get more present, empowered, and highly inspired.

This is a unique opportunity to dive deeper into your personal growth and to embrace the hero(ine) within you with full surrender. Spending 10 days here will be a transformational experience. 

The 10 Day Retreat is for you if you want to grow and enhance your leadership skills through the 12 universal steps of The Hero’s Journey. I will teach you how to start recognizing these 12 phases in your daily life. And I’ll show you how to integrate The Hero’s Journey in your business and life so that you can have a thriving life with meaning and purpose. 

You’ll gain more clarity, confidence, and focus for your business and life. I will also show you the power of storytelling and how you can use this to attract more abundance and success.

Spaces are limited because I want to be of full service to my students in this deep process of growth and learning. I have 6
 spots available.

In this retreat you’ll receive

• Daily classes on The Hero’s Journey tailored to your personal needs
• Deep insights of working with The Hero’s Journey framework
• Knowledge to craft your personal life’s journey
• Personal mentoring 
• 1-1 enquiry to release stressful thoughts & beliefs
• Guided meditations and rituals to enhance your awareness and presence
• Tai chi exercises to increase your life’s energy and flow
• Daily silent walks
• Hikes to beautiful waterfalls and mountain vistas
• High energy foods and drinks to support your elevated state of being
• Times of relaxation and beingness in nature—e.g. plunging in the Capa Maco river,
sitting at the fireplace.

You’ll learn and experience 
• Deep understanding of the 12 universal phases of The Hero’s Journey
• Key themes per phase
• Key leadership competences per phase
• Power questions per phase
• How to recognize each phase in your life—both personal and professional
• How to recognize each phase in someone’s life
• Transformative power of The Hero’s Journey in your life
• How to utilize The Hero’s Journey framework in your work as a leader, mentor, coach or manager.

Your results can be
• More presence
• More abundance
• More clarity, focus and direction
• Meaning and purpose in business and life
• Better self-understanding
• Reclaim your power
• Experience more joy and freedom
• Feeling inspired
• Being more effective in your daily life
• Lead with confidence and certainty

What’s included
• All features above
• 10 days of live classes—on day 10 only the morning
• 9 night stay on our land—simple accomodation in one of our comfortable guesthouses.
Participants will share a casita.
• All vegetarian meals—breakfast, lunch & light dinner—healthy snacks, raw organic chocolate, drinks, and super smoothies.
• Journal and writing materials

What’s not included
• Air fares to Vilcabamba, Ecuador
• Transport from Catamayo airport to Vilcabamba and back
• Transport from Quito / Guayaquil to Vilcabamba and back
• Local transport

More info
Start: Sun
day August 4th, 10:00 am—Tuesday August 13th 2019, 12:00 noon.
Place: my home in the Capa Maco Valley, Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

If you’d like to apply, you’re invited to fill out an application form (‘Apply Now’ buttons below).
A personal intake conversation with Kim Ho Leung is part of the enrollment process.

Spaces are limited because I want to be of full service to my students in this deep process of growth and learning. I have only 6 spots available. 

Refund policy

The price is non-refundable.
For questions about The Hero’s Journey Retreat, contact me:
Start your journey and discover your meaning and purpose in life. Embrace your true genius and be a successful leader.

Share this info about the Hero’s Journey Retreat with friends who might be interested and
who are ready to take the next step in their lives.

  • After the Private Intensive with Kim Ho I felt so happy and invigorated because the tai chi, The Hero’s Journey, and the moments with his family were so inspiring. What I learnt is to enjoy life in the little moments, to smile more, and not to overthink things—to stay present. It was fantastic to work with Kim Ho! He was there for me all the time. I could feel his positive energy and dedication to help me improve my life.
    Genaro Pedro Vélez Tobar, Engineer, Cuenca, Ecuador
Vilcabamba—The Valley of Longevity


Vilcabamba lies at an average altitude of 1600 meters in the Loja province, South Ecuador. It is surrounded by the Andean mountains and has a subtropical climate. This means all year around spring with a dry and wet season. The average temerature is about 23-28 degrees Celsius during the day and cooler in the evening.

Because of its unique climate, the nature is abundant green and has the optimal properties to grow fruits and vegetables. The air is very pure and clean here. 
The population is around 5000 inhabitants with a substantial expat community. 

The name is derived from a local tree named Huilco. In the old days of Inca reign, it is said Vilcabamba was a refuge for Inca tribes to rest and rejuvenate. 
The legend tells that the people are getting very old here due to the perfect living circumstances. Therefore, Vilcabamba is known as ‘The Valley of Longevity’.

"A hero’s journey is one story after another how they
transformed circumstances into empowerments." 

— Mary Morrissey

Additional Bonus Features

1. Personal mentoring & support at the retreat
During The Hero’s Journey Retreat I’ll be available for you, when you have questions, or need support. 

2. A free live call before and after the retreat
We’ll come together in a live call before the retreat starts so that we can meet up and address any questions, needs or concerns. I’ll gift the participants an aftercare live call after the retreat to support them in the process of integrating the lessons and experiences in their daily lives.

3. Wonderful surprise activities
We’ll let the flow of the 10 day retreat determine what surprises come to us.

4. Certificate of completion
At the end of your Hero’s Journey Retreat, you’ll receive a certificate of completion.
This will validate your commitment and energy you have put in your work, and the lessons received by me during the 10 days.
Unique Offering

The Hero’s Journey Retreat is an abundant program filled with live classes, personal support & mentoring,
meditations, rituals, and many more teachings all aimed for your personal growth
and to unlock the hero(ine) within you.

Inspiring and powerful movieclips that can accelerate your learning,
are part of the program too. 

A survey and an intake conversation with Kim Ho Leung are part of the enrollment process.

The exchange for this 10 Day Retreat is $1895.

Payment plan—2 or 4 payments—is available.
With additional costs.
$ 1895
The Hero’s Journey Retreat

10 Powerful Days Live Lessons Daily Vibrant & Healthy Foods Abundant Nature Mentoring & Support

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it." 

— Goethe

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My passion is to guide people find meaning and purpose in life so that they can tap into their true power with presence, gratitude and success. 

In my early twenties, I got the wake up call from life. At that time I was studying business economics, and this call was the spark to embark on a journey of deep soulsearching and conscious awakening.

After my graduation, I traveled the world, studied world cinema, and met an important teacher and mentor who guided me in the Hero’s Journey, personal growth, and leadership.

I founded my own company and worked as a Leadership Trainer, Mentor and Speaker in The Netherlands for companies, governments, universities and full purpose organizations. I used the powerful framework of The Hero’s Journey, inspiring movie clips, storytelling, and management practices to guide my clients to more meaning, purpose, and clarity.

In 2011 my family and I answered the call to move to Vilcabamba. I’m currently living here on my lush land with fruit trees, colorful birds, bees, organic vegetables, and next to a pristine river.

With more than 10 years experience, I have deepened my knowledge on The Hero’s Journey with my own life’s events and other mentors—Mother nature is chief among them.

I offer online teachings, programs and mentoring sessions. On my land I’m mentoring private clients, hosting workshops, private intensives, and retreats all aimed to unlock the incredible potential within us and to live life from a state of presence, love, and gratitude.

"Celebrate the wild beauty of being alive,
for being here on earth." 

— Fleur Royale

Want to know more

Do I need any preparation or read any books before I start the retreat?

The only thing I invite you to bring is an open heart, mind, and a curiosity to learn new things. The program will unfold naturally and I’ll teach you the important insights of The Hero’s Journey. I might give you some recommendations for reading.

What is the best way to travel to Vilcabamba, Ecuador?

The best way to travel to Ecuador is by plane with destination Quito or Guayaquil. From either city, you can take a domestic flight to Catamayo airport (45 minutes), which is near Loja. From here you can take a taxi or bus to Vilcabamba. This will take 1.5 hrs by taxi and 2.5 hrs by bus to reach Vilcabamba. 

If you’d like a pick up from Catamayo, I can arrange this (cost $40-$45). By bus you need to go through Loja bus terminal and switch bus here. By bus is the cheapest option.

Another option would be the night bus from Quito or Guayaquil to Loja bus terminal and from here the bus to Vilcabamba. Expect travel times of 8-11 hrs.

Who is teaching the classes?

Kim Ho Leung will teach all live classes. Fleur Royale, his soul partner, will chime in regularly to share a visualisation or mediation.

Where do I get support?

For support you can contact me anytime. If you have questions, concerns, or want to share aha’s and wins, I’ll be there for you. The support goes through email and WhatsApp. Furthermore, there’ll be support from your fellow students during the retreat..

What’s the weather like in Vilcabamba? What clothes should I bring?

Vilcabamba has a subtropical climate, which means all year around spring with a dry and wet season. August is in the dry season with lots of sun and an average temperature of 25-28 degrees Celsius during the day and cooler in the evening. The best way to dress is to layer your clothes: t-shirts, long sleeves, warm sweaters, shorts, pants, sandals, flip-flops, and sturdy hiking shoes. Also, bring your swimwear. 

Is it safe to go around in Vilcabamba (and Ecuador)?

We’ve been living in Vilcabamba for 7 years and we experience it as a very safe and comfortable place. We know our neighbours and they know us. We also use only trustworthy taxi drivers. But, in general the local Ecuadorians are very friendly and social. They really appreciate visitors who speak or try to speak Spanish with them. As a conscious traveller, you should take your responsibility regarding your luggage and personal belongings during your travels.

If I leave the retreat early, because it’s not a fit, what happens?

If you’d decide to leave during the retreat, you’ll stay responsible for the full payment for the program. 
I hold this policy to keep the program financially viable as I’ll be unable to replace your spot with another participant. 

Do you offer a payment plan for the retreat?

Yes, I do. You can pay the full fee in one payment, 2 payments, or 4 payments. 
If you’d pay in 2 or 4 payments, there will be additional costs.

What’s included in the price?

In the price are included: 10 days of live training, 9 night stay at our land, all meals—breakfast, lunch and light dinner, healthy snacks, personal journal, all trips, personal mentoring & support, surprise activities, and many more.  
Step into your new life.
The time is now.

Praise for Kim Ho & The Hero's Journey 

  • I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing workshop of the other day: The Hero’s Journey retreat! The event has been TRANSFORMATIONAL for me and for my business. Thanks to your exercises and powerful questions, I was able to get so much clarity about my life and the purpose in my business. Now I know where I am in my personal hero’s journey, and I can also share this powerful knowledge with my clients and followers. I’d definitely recommend your workshop to anybody looking for clarity in their life, in their career, and to gain more self-awareness about their own life’s journey.”
    Gabriele di Mauro, Career Consultant & Life Coach, Italy

  • Kim Ho inspired me very much with his extensive movie knowledge, the way he applied movie clips to the leadership content, and how he performed before the audience. Later, I was lucky to work with him. I was able to experience directly how he adopts the theme, finds the right tools to support the message and blends all in order to inspire the participants. I’m grateful to Kim Ho what he’s taught me, both about leadership and myself."
    Marc van den Hoop, Simplifier & Coach, The Netherlands

  • I have no words for this 12 day journey. I absolutely loved it. My life has changed magnificently! This 12 day course has helped me to better listen to myself, to get more clarity, and to understand my shadows even more. You are a true hero, Kim Ho! It felt like you were sitting next to me. It was great to feel your support and to tap into your knowledge."
    Ylva Nerissa Rose, The Netherlands

  • I very much enjoyed The Hero’s Journey session. I know it will really be a benefit for both my story writing and my personal life. Kim Ho is a very engaging spiritual teacher.”
    Susan L Hart, Author, Cuenca, Ecuador
Be a leader.
The time is now.