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The Secret to Abundance

The secret to abundance

Hey there,

What’s alive in you?​​​​​​​

I’ve been on a spiritual journey for over twenty years now and one of the greatest teachers I’ve met on my way is wealth.

For a very long time I thought wealth, prosperity, or being rich was directly related to the amount of money someone had. This belief was deeply carved into my mental programming. And subconsciously, this idea was imprinted during my upbringing.

My parents, who migrated from Hong Kong to The Netherlands, had poor backgrounds. They would always say — nonverbally — to me and my sisters that a good education equals landing a good job, and that equals good money. And that good money, or ‘being wealthy’, is happiness.  

So when I was ready to find my way in this world, I would always had this core belief inside of me.

Until I started to awaken. . . 

(Here I am standing at a sacred spot: a soft waterfall)

I’m still on this path, peeling off layers of old and fearful beliefs about prosperity. And I’m certainly not perfect on this. It’s been a true humbling journey so far and I’m still learning.

What I discovered was that money, wealth, and being rich and abundant are an inside job.

Let me elaborate on this a bit more.

Money itself is neutral. We earn money for the exchange of value. We can give value with our unique set of skills and talents. However, the story we attach to money – our money story – is the key element.

Is our money story a love-fueled story or is it a fear-fueled story? Meaning, do we see money as a loving ally that we consciously spend and save, or are there fears around how we spend and save it, perhaps related to a scarcity mindset?

Can you relate to this?


One of the great revelations I had about prosperity is that this is directly connected to how a person feels, thinks, acts and behaves. It’s about the positive energy, the joy, and the feelings of love and gratitude that make someone abundant. It’s about the appreciation for the little things in life, even when things get tough. It’s about helping others.​​​​​​​

Yes, it’s all about being (heart)centered and being present.

When you can use these super powers, you’ll become resilient and a magnet for abundance — in many forms — in your life.

And here lies the healing for all of us. With this loving presence and positive mindset, things get easier and effortless. The right ideas come to you, the actions you take are natural and certain, and are infused with a great sense of joy, contentment and gratitude.

I love the analogy of water, like a waterfall or a river, as an image for the abundant flow of wealth. Water runs naturally and follows the path of least resistance. It has tremendous wisdom, never complains about lack, gives unconditionally, and is an indefinite source of energy.

One of my favorite books is Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. At the end of this marvelous novel, — spoiler alert! — a desperate Siddhartha, the hero, is sitting at the river and wants to drown himself, because he’s believing the world is against him. And when he’s about to jump in, he sees and hears the flowing river for the first time, comes into the present moment, and finds the answers to life he was looking for.

What if we could be like water in daily life?
That we are soft and are nourishing ourselves and others? 
That we come from source?
And experience that we all are truly prosperous?

From my abundant heart to yours,
Kim Ho

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