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True Abundance is in You

True abundance is in you

Hi dear friend,

What’s alive in you? It’s been a while.

It’s just incredible how September has passed so rapidly and now that we’ve entered October. I like the rhythms of nature. Likely for you, autumn is here, unless, like me, you’re living around the equator.

The beauty of seasons is the opportunity to feel the different energy flows inside of you. Naturally, the autumn is the time to harvest the ripe, sweet fruits and to prepare yourself to go inwards. It’s a perfect time for reflection.

What kind of fruits have you been harvesting so far?

(Me harvesting golden, wild organic lemons during my morning walk)

Lately, I’ve been immersing myself in silence and going deeper. That is going deeper into the present moment and be more conscious. I wrote before that life is like a holy cross; there’s a horizontal and a vertical dimension.

If you walk the horizontal dimension only, which is the time based realm, you’re mainly focused on getting from ‘here’ to ‘there’. This kind of linear thinking is engrained in our fast paced culture today. Most people live to hustle and to strive to get what they want. That’s the ‘freedom’ people have nowadays and for them it works.

However, the vertical dimension, invites us to not to unceasingly push forward, but to go into the present moment deeper. You can experience this very moment more by focusing on your breath, and to become an observer of yourself and your thoughts. To expand time and space. To be consciousness itself.

There are many ways of how you can be more still and present. You might meditate, paint, write, read or walk in nature. These are all practices to allow yourself to enter the gateway of the ‘now’.

To me the perfect balance in the holy cross is, if you can live your daily life with this full feeling of ’now’, and bring forth this consciousness in everything that you do. Then there’s a strong alignment between the horizontal and vertical dimension.

This means that there’s a universal knowing, or rather a profound ‘beingness’ inside of you that is the natural source of abundance and of everything that you create in your life. When you’re aligned with this, in my experience, everything becomes more effortless and joyful.


There’s abundance inside of you—always.
There’s a golden presence inside of you.
There’s this deep inner knowing that everything you do, is good and connected with who you are. 

Yes, you are the gold!
You are the source of infinite possibilities.

The only thing we have to do is to be present and remember that we are whole, just as we are. And mine the gold that is inside of us.

Thank you for being here with me, exploring the depth and abundance of life.

I appreciate you very much and may my reflections add some inspiration and joy in your daily life.

From my heart to yours,
Kim Ho 

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