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Why an Inner Call to Change Needs Resistance to Thrive

Why an Inner Call to Change Needs Resistance to Thrive

Today I want to talk about the fascinating interaction between getting the call to a new adventure and the resistance to change. These two energies often go hand in hand together. It’s like an universal law.

Every time you feel excited about something new, something that can elevate your life and create change, resistance comes in your way. The initial excitement and positivity dim down and fear, doubt and disbelief creep into your mind.

Crazy, huh? Why is that?

I’ve been studying about this topic for a while and came across some interesting findings.

It’s all about our brain.

Specifically, it has to do with the functioning of the left and right brain. Many researches show that our left hemisphere is the gatekeeper. It’s programmed to keep us safe, conserve energy and want things to be predictable.

So, when you’ll get a new, wild idea and you want to act on the left brain is keeping you stuck in your comfort zone. Sometimes this is a blessing and sometimes this prevents you from taking the next big leap.

The bigger the potential life change the more effort your brain will undertake to create a roadblock to force you to stay stuck in safety and predictability.

Thus the big life begins out of your comfort zone. The playing field where your fears and doubts have to be acknowledged and transcended. If you’d feel an inner spark to change and no resistance, this could mean your new goal isn’t bold and great enough.

The resistance and friction are needed to super flex your inner ‘I believe’-muscles. Once they’re trained and ready they will catapult you forward towards your dream.

Let’s go to a super inspiring movie clip where you can see how the dynamic between change and resistance actually works. It’s from my favorite saga Star Wars:
Star Wars 7 – The Force Awakens.

We enter the story with Rey, a young woman who has left her home planet Jakku to fight against the dark force. When she was a child her mother left and Rey is still waiting for the day that she’ll return. She has hidden powers inside that are about to awaken…

In this movie clip you’ll see her descend a staircase into a secret chamber. Rey sees flashes of her traumatic past and future calling. Is she destined to return the magic weapon to Luke Skywalker, the lone Jedi knight who’s missing, and bring back hope?


What did you see? What did you feel?

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