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Are you ready for a life full of meaning and purpose?

Is a life of deep meaning and great purpose calling you?

Are you longing for self-discovery so that you know yourself better?
Do you want to become a successful leader of your business and life, doing what you love to do and sharing your unique gift with the world?

And do you want to live your life in joy, gratitude and abundance?

So, if you feel a big YES, you’re in the right place!

I understand how you feel. I know where you are.

Because I was like you. After I got my Masters Degree in Business Economics, I thought I had all the right wisdom and tools to start a prosperous career, doing what I love.

But, I was so wrong.

Though I acquired great knowledge, I felt there was something huge missing. A vital part that wasn’t included in all what I learnt so far.

Me, myself and I. I suddenly woke up.
How I found my purpose and how you can do it too

That was some 20 years ago. From that time on I dedicated my time learning about personal growth and self-discovery. Step by step, I started to become the person I wanted to be.

I became so more alive, conscious and heart-centered. I also discovered a passion for the incredible storytelling, hidden messages, and metaphors of movies.

But frankly, I didn’t know how I could earn an income by being a teacher and speaking about self development with inspiring movie clips.

Though my intention was crystal clear: “I wanted to work with movies and guide people.” Oh yes, did I put my request out in the universe. . .

Because then this divine intervention happened. A chance meeting that literally transformed my life.

I met my mentor who guided me and introduced me to the secrets and powers of teaching about personal leadership and self growth utilizing inspiring movie clips.

I started working with him, while creating my own company CineCirkel, and was absolutely doing what I loved to do. I was in my Zone Of Genius.

After a move to Ecuador in 2011 and countless amazing life experiences, I feel I returned to the place where it all started for me.

Now, I want to continue to share with you what I’ve learnt about The Hero’s Journey, leadership and personal growth. I want to explain the force of working with illuminating movie clips. I’m here to give you direction, focus and clarity. Furthermore, I want to teach you how to create meaning and purpose in your daily life.

So, if this feels exciting click below and let’s continue our conversation.

Your journey to joy and gratitude

Learn how to live from your full potential with The Hero’s Journey so that you’re more joyful and grateful in daily life. Discover the successful leader inside of you.