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Hi, I’m Kim Ho

A mentor, trainer, speaker, and Hero With a Thousand Faces who is passionate to help you become a successful leader in your life and business.

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Who Am I

I was born and raised in The Netherlands and have Chinese blood running through my veins.

In 2011 I moved to Vilcabamba – ‘The Valley of Longevity’ – where I’m residing with my beloved wife and four children. It was a giant leap of faith and it transformed my life completely.

Now, we have the privilege to live on lush land in the Andean mountains, near a beautiful river and surrounded by spectacular nature.

So, what do I most love to do?

I’m passionate about personal growth and teaching about it. I’ve been a leadership trainer and public speaker for 10 years. During this time I’ve mentored and spoken to thousands of people about The Hero’s Journey, personal development and leadership.

And I’m doing this in an innovative, powerful and fun way by showing inspiring movie clips while sharing the metaphors and lessons.

I’ve successfully served clients across various industries like banking, training & consultancy, consumer, government, sports, education, cultural and for-purpose.

And I have worked with professionals, consultants, teams, teachers, students, managers, trainers and coaches in inspiring and helping them growing their purpose and leadership.


What’s my big WHY – educating about personal growth? 

I believe there’s a true leader inside of you. Honestly. A hero(ine) with great gifts and powers who’s ready to awaken.

So I’m deeply committed to help you to become that great leader. And I want to make a difference in your life. I’m here to support you in your personal journey towards a life you always dreamt of, so that you can share your unique song with our world.

I’m your guide along the way and I’ll show you the ideas, practices and tools you need to manifest an abundant life of deep meaning and great purpose.

Your journey that’s filled with joy, love, wonder and gratitude. Your ultimate life that’s lived from your highest potential.  

“We shall not cease from exploration
and the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started
and know the place for the first time.”
– T.S. Eliot

The poems of T.S. Eliot are wondrous. This quote is my personal mantra and my guiding light. 

Other things you should know about me. . . I love watching movies – especially with my children –, traveling, being with my family, and taking our labrador Light for a refreshing daily walk. Furthermore, I’m an aficionado of 80’s music, Transformers, basketball, rollerskating on groovy music. 

I have a quirk to memorize names of movie titles, actors and actresses. And in my twenties I’ve worked as a professional photo model for 7 years. 

Oh, my family and friends say I’m a great chef.

Persons that inspire me the most are Eckhart Tolle, Joseph Campbell, Byron Katie, Dr. Wayne D. Dyer, Laura Hollick, John Assaraf, Russell James and Marie Forleo.

I’m a creator-extraordinaire. Photographing, video graphing and editing, that kind of stuff. Every day I’m honoring my body temple by practicing Tai Chi and taking my raw smoothie – in all rainbow colors and especially the chocolate elixirs!

What else?

I enjoy my morning walks in the mountains and plunging into the cold river. And I’d like doing things differently, so we’re homeschooling our children.