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Ready to step into your power and contribute to the world?

Do you want to experience a life filled with joy, ease, and presence? 
Do you want to learn practices for success and integrate them in your daily life?  
And experience how the 12 universal steps of The Hero’s Journey can give you more clarity, direction and purpose?  

If so, this might be for you.

I’m offering two powerful mentoring programs where I can guide you to living the fullest life. With the transformative Hero’s Journey, I can support you to awaken the hero(ine) within you. It’s time now to be who you are, share your unique gift, and contribute to the world. 

The Hero’s Journey Mentoring Program – Intro and The Hero’s Journey Mentoring Program – Intensive.
Learn more below. 

Discover how personal mentoring can support you to be more focused, centered and grateful for who you are
so that you’re more effective and successful in business and life.

  • The contrast between how I first met Kim Ho and the the role he played in my life after meeting him again 20 years later, is a perfect example of a story that started seemingly insignificant but turned out to be very inspiring. It’s amazing how life sometimes presents you with the right things at the right time and Kim Ho helped me realise just that. Every experience we have is valuable and in stead of focussing on the pain and helping me find more ways to process it, he made me really see the value of my contrast, of all contrast and the beauty that lies within. The way he did that, you will have to experience for yourself but once you see it, you will look at things differently. There is no quick fix and it does’nt take special skills to see it. It just takes the right person at the right time and I think Kim Ho is the one. Kim Ho is a great friend, mentor and kind and loving person who I'd recommend to anyone looking for answers. It is not hard work and it shouldn't be in my opinion. The work is always in progress and Kim Ho can help you on your way just like he did for me.
    Laurens Heidinga, former KLM Captain, now shifting and transforming, The Netherlands
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The Hero’s Journey Mentoring Program - Intro

The Hero’s Journey Mentoring Program - Intensive