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My purpose is to help you unlock your full potential
so that you can tap into your true essence with
joy, success and abundance. 

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Hi, I'm Kim Ho Leung

Living a joyful and meaningful life in presence is my mantra. I’m a leadership trainer, mentor, and wonderer.

Together with my soul partner and four children, we’re living in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. I’m passionate about personal growth.

I love to guide you to be a conscious leader in your life. I can teach you how to create a life and business filled with joy, abundance, presence and gratitude.

Grow and expand as a human being 

Journey of Awakening Program—Starting April 1

A 4 week virtual course where you’ll learn the dynamics of an awakening process and its 12 essential keys

Hero’s Journey Online Experience—Coming April 29

A 3 hour live event to explore your life along the 12 phases of The Hero’s Journey and grow as a human being

Live Events

Personal Mentoring

Do you want to learn how The Hero’s Journey can enhance your leadership and personal growth so that you can be more joyful, effective, focused, and successful in your business and life?

In-Company Training

Want to expand your personal leadership and of your team, with The Hero’s Journey? In-company trainings—both in-person and online

1 on 1 Session

Feel seen. Feel heard. Feel empowered.

Kind Words

My blog


Your Awakening

5 February 2023

A return to who you really are without any masks, identities or conditions to hold up. Reconnect with wonder, joy and presence.


Time to let go

18 September 2022

I think it’s super crucial now, with the ever increasing pace of everyday modern life, to remember what’s truly important.


When you lose don’t lose the lesson

10 July 2022

In this podcast I talk about the valuable lesson you can learn when you think you lose something.


Change the way

29 May 2022

In my new podcast I share a bit about changing the way you look at things in life and why this is so important.


Your sacred place

15 May 2022

I felt called to deepen and use my voice as an expression. I created a podcast about honouring our sacred place.


Be the space

27 March 2022

The beauty of showing inspiring movie clips in a learning environment is to offer a different way to see things.


Call to your purpose

20 March 2022

In a way, we’re like Amélie. In our daily reality we also receive messages or pointers to do or begin something new.


Are you listening?

19 February 2022

With the increasing noise outside it has become extremely difficult and challenging to regain a sense of stillness within where one could really liste...


Meeting the Mentor

25 September 2021

A mentor is someone who can open your eyes to the gold that is already within. (S)he can guide, support, encourage and lift you up.


Don’t forget about yourself

15 May 2021

It reminds me of staying true to myself and not let my life lead by what people might think of me, or label me.


True Abundance is in You

12 October 2019

You don't have to look outside of yourself to find true abundance. It's all in you. It's abundance how you can see things in this way.


The Super Power Everyone Has—You Too!

11 October 2019

This blogpost is about the super power everyone has and how this can change the way you live your life.