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Are you listening?

Are you listening?

Dear friend,

I hope you and your loved ones are doing well in your little corner of the world.

Today I’d like to share some words on listening and finding your path.

I’m inspired by a short movie clip with Sir John Whitmore, a former professional racing driver and executive coach, that I came across more than 15 years ago. This week I discovered it—and saw it with new eyes.

I’ll share this clip with you below. It’s an absolute inspiring piece. All credits to creator Nic Askew.

With the increasing noise outside it has become extremely difficult and challenging to regain a sense of stillness within where one could really listen. The world is spinning faster than ever and our thoughts are racing. Our belief system and values are influenced by family, culture and peers.

This is what most people would deem as ‘normal’.

There’s nothing wrong with this however if one takes this view point as the only one, one can easily forget about seeing things from a different angle. I’m talking about the abnormal or non-conformity of life.

What if you could tap into this wisdom and see things in new ways?
In ways that are actually liberating and perhaps, more true and inspiring?
(Click play to watch Sir John Whitmore, © Nic Askew)

To reach this new vantage point, you have to turn within, block the outer noise and really listen.

What do you hear?
What is your heart calling?
How can the silence speak?

I think if we can integrate more silence in our daily lives, we have the opportunity to listen and find out what our true path is.Perhaps, this path will be more daring and challenging yet more authentic and loving. It can be the path to a profound and fulfilled life filled with blessings that are waiting for us to uncover.

What is your path?
Are you listening?

From my heart to yours, always,
Kim Ho

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