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Call to your purpose

Call to your purpose

20 years ago a young French woman captured the hearts of cinema audience worldwide. She was a do-gooder who found meaning in her life by helping others and asking nothing for return. As daily life was slowly passing by purpose found her and this sparked her on the path of being of service.

Does this story sound familiar?

You guessed it? Here’s a high five ✋🏼!

She’s Amélie Poulain, a movie character created by French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

The film Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (France/Germany 2001)—or Amélie—became an international phenomenon captivating the hearts of its viewers. It was the right story at the right time.

In an interview Jeunet looked back and said all things were aligned for this iconic film to be born. He coined a friend director who said: “A success like this, feels like you’re driving in Paris by night and all traffic lights turn green.”

It spoke to many people from various cultures. Amélie transcended place and time. It became an icon in cinema history.

Jeunet mentioned that actress Audrey Tatou, who played the lead character, initially wasn’t his first choice. He eyed British actress Emily Watson for the role. But Watson had other obligations. It was when he saw Tatou on a film poster of Venus Beauté, she was invited for the casting. When he saw Tatou doing audition he knew in 10 seconds he found his leading actress.

The 20th anniversary of this feel good classic is celebrated globally by showing the film in movie theatres again.

Perhaps, just what we need in the world now is a bit of feel good vibes and positivity.

Director Jeunet shared a beautiful anecdote. He heard that in a prison in Mexico, when the tension would rise and the inmates would start to rebel, the management would show Amélie to calm them down. To spread the message of doing good for someone else.

I’d like to chime in as well by showing one of my (many) favourite scenes of Amélie. It’s the pivotal moment when young Amélie gets the wake up call to pursue her true life’s purpose. Life’s essence found her.

Click play to watch it—you’re gonna love it!
(Click play to watch Amélie)

In a way, we’re like Amélie. In our daily reality we also receive messages or pointers to do or begin something new. These powerful signs can set us on a new path as we move forward.

After you watched the movie clip, I’d like to ask you:

“What life’s purpose is calling you right now?”

If this question is a bit too overwhelming, simplify and ask yourself:

“What am I called to do now?”

Feel into this question, be still, and allow the feelings and words find you.

Share what comes up with me in the comments brloe. I look forward to hear from you. 

For now,
À tout à l’heure!

From my essence to yours,
Kim Ho

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