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Don’t forget about yourself

Don't forget about yourself

Mister Romcom.
Shirtless stud.
One trick pony.

Who am I referring to?

Matthew McConaughey, movie actor and author.

I’m a fan of his works, particularly his acting perfomances over the last decade.

I came across a short interview with McConaughey where he talks about his romantic comedies career—with the huge success and recognition—and the bold decision he made to alter the course to pursue more dramatic roles.

He became so good at playing romcom roles that film studios would only hire him for such roles, while he was getting more interested in playing dramatic characters.

So he took a gamble and courageous step to move away from the stereotype roles. He didn’t work for over two years and Hollywood forgot about him, and his Mister romantic label.

However, he did’t forget about himself.

And right here, in the great unknown, the shift happened…

Go watch this interview with a bonus iconic scene!

I am so inspired by his heartfelt story.

It reminds me of staying true to myself and not let my life lead by what people might think of me, or I should do, or label me.

There’s immense power in this.
Freedom. Independance. Autonomy.

It only takes a bold decision to step out of one’s comfort zone and to feel and explore what depths are within reach. To find real beauty inside and express this external.

Basically, what McConaughey did.

How can you stay true to yourself?
Do you dare to step out of your comfort zone and explore, perhaps, your true zone of genius?

Let’s stump our chest and roar, like Matthew ✊🏼.

Wishing you an iconic day.
Kim Ho

P.S. My recommended movies with Matthew McConaughey are: We are Marshall, The Lincoln Lawyer, Mud, Dallas Buyers Club, The Wolf of Wall Street, Interstellar.

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