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Meeting the Mentor

Meeting the Mentor

I started reading The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Actually, re-reading, because I never finished it. It’s written by Joseph Campbell and is seen as the holy bible on comparative mythology and human existence.

Campbell lays out the revolutionary idea that a hero who embarks on a journey goes through certain archetypal life’s phases on his/her path to growth.

Yes, I’m talking about the quintessential Hero’s Journey. This journey or pattern, can be found in all stories throughout all cultures.

I got this book on a pivotal moment in my life in 2006. My wife Fleur gifted it to me, as she felt there was a deep force awakening inside of me. It dawned to me a new path appeared. Like Campbell wrote about the hero’s journey, I at the same time found myself—growing consciously—on this journey, passing through the universal life’s stages.

A new door opened and I stepped right through it. A portal that I couldn’t had imagined before. However, I then realised I had aligned myself to my heart’s frequency and allowed the right doorway to find me.

Synchronically, shortly after, I met a mentor who took me under his wings and showed me how to do meaningful and transformative work in the field of personal development. And this is the life’s work that I’m doing since.

A mentor is someone who can open your eyes to the gold that is already within. (S)he can guide, support, encourage and lift you up to the wonder of life. Essentially, show you how to tap into the life’s force.

I bet you have had amazing mentors in your life as well.

In The Hero’s Journey, the mentor is the way shower, the one who can reframe the life’s perspective. In this way, (s)he initiates the hero in a new way of being and seeing.

Being a mentor, I love to show my clients transformative movie clips for growth, direction and inspiration. It’s also a very potent way to learn to look through metaphors.

Now, I’d love to share a powerful movie clip with you. This clip is taken from the inspirational film Creed (Ryan Coogler, 2015), which is the 7th installment of the Rocky Balboa saga. It’s a truly beautiful example of the mentor and his student.

I’d like to invite you to watch it.
Click the image + play button above.

May it inspire you and lift your spirits šŸ„Š.

I’m wishing you a wonderful day.

Namaste šŸ™šŸ½,
Kim Ho

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