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Your Awakening

Your awakening

Last Sunday morning, I walked through a beautiful bamboo forest, adjacent to a river. I just had brought my daughter Mei Li to ballet class and relished the walk there with my dog Light.

It’s such a pristine spot filled with life’s energy, tranquility and green lush. The promise of infinite potentiality is palpable. As I strolled, I passed a small coffee plantation as well (in Vilcabamba, and in the province, grows the best arabica coffee — perfect place for a coffee aficionado, like me 😁).

I continued into town where I ran into a friend. That’s the beauty of living here, one usually meets the right people in the right time.

This was such a spontaneous encounter.

She told me she’s become a different person. That she was transforming into another human being. She now realized, she was used to running around to get somewhere, and doing things she didn’t even know for what purpose.

She talked. I listened and shared some personal experiences. Her energy felt open and benevolent. So I knew there’s an awakening happening within.

It made me instantly think of my path of self-discovery that started some 25 years ago.An awakening is a shift in consciousness.

A quantum moment, if I may quote wisdom teacher Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. He experienced such moments as being really present and smelling the fragrance of roses.

What worked and was valuable one day, I questioned or became obsolete the other day. It was a big shift.

With an awakening, it seems a new inner dimension is opening up and expanding. It may feel like a homecoming, getting in touch with your essence. Usually, there’s a tingling sensation in parts of your body. You just know. 

A return to who you really are without any masks, identities or conditions to hold up. Reconnect with wonder, joy and presence.

What a big relief, right?

At least, that’s what I felt within, and I sensed it with my friend too.

It seems like a huge burden falls off our shoulders. A massive rock that kept us small and restrained and we thought it was meaningful to carry it for the rest of our lives. To push and strive to move ahead.

It’s an illusion.

An essential element of an awakening is one’s new capacity to see through this illusion for the first time. Like having a new set of eyes and have a bird eye’s view to observe one’s life.

With the shift to a new life’s perspective, you usually experience deep fulfillment, joy and meaning within. You can relax and breathe, and you know that where you are is perfectly fine.

Tell me a bit about your awakening, dear friend.
What happened and what shifted in your life?

I love to hear your story.

We have so much to be thankful for. 

Wishing you a beautiful and tranquil Sunday.

Kim Ho

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