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Be the space

Be the space

Lately, I’ve been inspired watching movies and looking for scenes, precious gems, I can use for my work as a Leadership Trainer and Mentor.

In my last newsletter I shared a clip from the French film Amélie.

The beauty of showing inspiring movie clips in a learning environment is to offer a different way to see things. It’s an invitation to change the viewpoint. In this way, a clip can be a powerful, learningful metaphor for everyday life’s situations.

In a moment, I’ll share a new clip with you.

Our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner world. If we feel happy, the world is happy. If we feel sad, the world looks sad.

Life’s path is filled with small and big obstacles to point us to our inner wholeness, the realm within. Challenges are everyday reality and at times we’re being overtaken by them. We can feel tension and don’t know what to do to tackle the obstacles.

However, it’s the way how we look at challenges and deal with them that can make the difference. The difference between being swept away or accepting what is.

Seeing things as they are requires high consciousness.

It involves being aware of the space within and from this place, respond to arising difficulties and challenges. 

Be the space.

In this space we can explore the depth within and we can feel spaciousness arise. It can feel like an expansion of our heart, body and soul.

From here we can respond to the outer circumstances with more consciousness and tranquility, especially in difficult life’s situations.

Being the space simply means embracing our wisdom. Wisdom can bring forth the right decisions and actions.

To access our wisdom is to allow ourselves to be still. Really still. We don’t have to look for it or think of it, it’s here—usually, it comes as an intuitive feeling. We just have to listen.

Today I’d love to show a movie clip from the fantastic Dune (Dennis Villeneuve 2021). The clip is about being the space so that you can give space to others to think for themselves.

Dune is an epic, science fiction story about Paul Atreides and his family, the noble House Atreides, as they are thrust into war for the deadly desert planet Arrakis.

In this movie clip you can see Paul and his father Leto visiting the graves of their ancestors. As Paul expresses he’s reluctant to be the future of House Atreides, Leto gives him fatherly advice on how to deal with such big responsibility.

To me this is a highly inspiring example of how one can hold loving space in order to give space and see the other. Furthermore, it’s a distinct illustration of conscious parenting.

Click the play button to watch this clip. 
(Click play to watch Dune)

How can you be the space for yourself and your loved ones?

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Warmest wishes,
Kim Ho

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