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Meet your mentor

Meet your mentor

Are you ready to accelerate your learning?

This blog post is all about the willingness to learn. Movies have always played an important role in my life. They opened a window into a new world inside of me.

I’ve learnt so much of the emotions, stories, human behaviors and universal storylines. The moving pictures reflected back to me the inspiring,  powerful messages and metaphors for everyday life.

So, I’d honestly say the movies are true mentors for me.

A quick film quiz question for you.


What do Viviane, Gandalf, Morpheus, Mr. Miyagi, Trinity, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda have in common?

Any idea? C’mon, I know a lightbulb goes on right now.

Yes, they’re all classical teachers in movies! Viviane (High Priestess in Mists of Avalon), Gandalf (Wizard in Lord of The Rings), Morpheus (The Matrix), Mr. Miyagi (Karate Kid), Trinity (Goddess in The Matrix), Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda (Star Wars). 
They are the quintessential mentors for the heroes who need their wisdom to continue their journey.

After I discussed The Prologue, The Call to Adventure and Resistance, I’m now going to talk about step 4 in your Hero’s Journey, Meeting your Mentor.

I thought I’d be fun to create a video. So, click the play button below.

If you’re open, the teacher will appear…


Who’s an important mentor in your life? What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned?


Share with me in the comments below!


Now let’s go back to our film mentor.


In the movie Whale Rider we’re following the hero’s journey of courageous Paikea on her path to become the chief of her community. She has a natural drive to learn new things.


In this scene she’s learning the sacred skill of Taiaha, a traditional warrior art form, from her uncle. Paikea saw her grandfather teaching Taiaha to the boys and as a girl she couldn’t participate. But, willing to learn it anyway she asked her uncle to teach her. He happily obliged.  


The uncle is holding the magic weapon while Paikea is following and mimicking his moves and visualizing the sacred stick in her hands.




In my next blog post we’ll explore phase five of your Hero’s Journey: Selection Threshold.


See you then!


From my heart to yours,
Kim Ho

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